About Brådtom

Brådtom is a lockkeepers house by the Göta Kanal. The site originates from the time when the canal was built in the beginning of 1800 . The present dwelling was built in 1904. The oldest building is the old blacksmith house (smedjan) which  today is available for renting. Brådtom is situated on the bank of the canal , where the bicycle lane along the canal also runs through the yard of the lock.

The lock itself was built 1826 and was from the beginning named Stockholm.  There are a few different explanations to the present name  Brådtom. In the year 1905, the cargo-ship Mars ran into and broke the lower gate of the lock. This resulted in that the canal  fast lost all water. The canal was "fast empty"  which in old Swedish is "bråd tom". On the other hand, there were quite a few ships running into the lock-gates at this time because they were in too much of a hurry. The old Swedish word for "being in a hurry"  is  to have "brådtom" , and sometimes it is said that that is why the lock got its present name.


Ewa and Gunnar Persson moved into the lockkeepers house at Brådtom in 1997. In the summer of 1998  Ewa opened a kiosk and café i the old grain-storehouse  and barn. In the same year she began offering bed and breakfast in the newly furnished "laundry house" , in Swedish "bykstugan". Today there are six small houses to rent at  Brådtom.

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