Brådtom Kiosk & Café


The kiosk/café is open daily  from 1 May - 31 August. Here you can buy coffee, ice-cream, cookies or a sandwich and a lot more. Then you can sit down at our tables, only 10 meters from the canal, and watch the boats slowly pass by, while you enjoy the coffee.  You can also buy a postcard, some sweets or a book. There is also the opportunity to look at and maybe buy some handicrafts made by Ewa and other local artisans. 

Ewa paints porcelain during the winter as you can see on this picture.  She paints on different things like coffee and  tea mugs, pots, egg cups  angels and even a gnome that can watch your home. On the items you find pictures, names, words of wisdom and a lot more. It is also possible to order an object with a special name or picture on it.

Contact Ewa for more information!


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